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CBHCS Payments


Member tuition rates:
Grades K-7 by May 31, 2020 - $718
Grades K-7 by July 31, 2020 - $868
Grades K-7 August 1 or later - $1,043
Rise Up Teen Group - $225

Non-member tuition - $1,043

B'nai Mitzvah Class - We are redesigning our special Brit Mitzvah education to better flex with the evolving public health situation. We will be in touch with impacted families soon with more information.

Parent 'n Me Pre-K - $120
Parent 'n Me Pre-K - non-members - $180
(Meets once a month)

For first time registrants/non-CBH members - Welcome! Synagogue policy states that children can attend the Community School for up to one school year without CBH membership. For membership information, please contact the CBH Office:
404-315-6446 or

You may take $50 off the tuition for each additional child in your family after the first child.
For grades K-7, and "members in good standing."

In order to re-enroll your child, the following must be completed:

  1. You need to be a board-approved CBH member. (Note: The board usually meets on the 4th Wednesday of every month. Applications must be submitted prior to that date in order to be considered in a given month.)
  2. You must be a "member in good standing", which means your membership dues are paid up to date.
  3. Previous year tuition must be paid in full or must have an approved payment plan.

Payments can be made online using the form below.


Submit application and follow link to payment below. 

For payment plan options, please select, Bill to my account

To pay in full, please select Stripe and enter in payment information.
(*CBH accepts MC, VISA, & Discover)

If you are submitting payment by check, in installments, do not use the section below.
Contact the CBH office for payment plan.

  1. Choose a quantity for number of students enrolling in each category. The form will add the cost and total it for you.
  2.  Multi-child discount: If you have more than one child attending school at CBHCS and are a CBH member in good standing, you may take off $50 for each additional AFTER THE FIRST CHILD in the family. 
  3. If you are a Ma'alot member, please contact Hailey at completing this form and paying. 

   K-3: Member Registration by July 31 per child - $925
   K-3: Member Late Registration August 1 or later - $1125
   K-3: Non Member Registration - $1125
   Multi-child discount -$50 - children after first child



   4-7: Member Registration by July 31 per child - $999
   4-7: Member Late Registration August 1 or later - $1225
   4-7: Non Member Registration - $1325
   8th Grade: Member Registration- $599
   8th Grade: Non Member Registration- $699
   Multi-child discount -$50 - children after first child



 provides financial aid to CBH Community School families, to help them provide their children with a Jewish education in the spirit of our community.


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