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Unorthodox Celebrations and Reconstructing the End of High School

08/11/2020 09:52:36 AM


by Charlotte Barrios

As my fellow graduates know all too well, graduating in the time of coronavirus has been extremely difficult. I have been picturing graduating from high school since elementary school. Imagining every detail, walking across the stage with my friends, my graduation party, college orientation. So many things that just were not able to happen. It was hard not having the experiences to match what I had so long...Read more...

Behind The Scenes of The Shofar Blast

08/03/2020 08:37:59 AM


by Ariela Freedman

Dear Friends,
Tekiyah! Greetings from behind the scenes at CBH High Holy Days Central! As we pivot High Holy Days to an online 10 day festival, I want to share what's going on from my point of view as the Project Manager. 
I grew up doing community theater. I spent most of my time on stage, but I also painted sets, ran lights, and worked in...Read more...

The Torah of Brokenness

06/01/2020 08:30:56 AM


by Rabbi Joshua Lesser

As much as I love the spirit of learning and celebrating the receiving of Torah that Shavuot brings, today my heart weighs a bit on the heavier side.

Rather than imagine the tablets gleaming made of sapphire, gathered with the whole Jewish community ready to receive revelation, I can't refrain from thinking about the fate of these first set of commandments. Moses shatters them. 
I wish I were...

Emerging from the Wilderness

05/26/2020 08:29:12 AM


by Rabbi Joshua Lesser

Take a census of the whole Israelite community by the clans of its ancestral houses, listing the names, every male, head by head. (Numbers 2:1)

As we begin the book of Numbers with a census, it's intriguing to note that while it states that the aim is to account for the entirety of the Israelites community, in actuality it is the men. Presumably,...Read more...

If Not Now, When   

05/20/2020 09:32:43 AM


  by Joshua Lesser - written as a lead article for the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association's newsletter on Responses to Covid-19 


...How does one plan when the wave washed away the concrete of our intentions?

How does one reschedule with a calendar that doesn't have dates?

...All the whens have fled.

...If not when, then now.  (excerpt...

The Dust of the Earth by Rabbi Josh

04/27/2020 08:59:12 AM


Rabbi Josh

The Dust of the Earth by Rabbi Josh

"I will make your descendants as the dust of the earth” was the Divine promise.
And as humans do, we assumed it was all about numbers.
Seduced by the idea of abundance
And distracted by what we misunderstood as a competition of sorts,
We missed the real blessing.

The dust of the earth has always been precious in the eyes of the Divine.
Each particle, each plot,  
Every stretch of landscape,
Just like the earth in its totality, is beloved
--and meant to be free.

And perhaps once we are done counting, striving
Owning every mote,
Writing our name triumphantly on every tree,
Claiming the claimless,
We will discover the real blessing:

We will be “as the dust of the earth”
Because together, we and the earth are one.


Sat, December 5 2020 19 Kislev 5781