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CBH's Newest Album: Red Thread

The Red Thread
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Congregation Bet Haverim illuminates how music is a lifeline with Red Thread; its newest release, as it makes its mark on the landscape of Jewish music. This is CBH’s 7th album featuring over 50 congregational singers and instrumentalists. The collection of 19 soul-stirring songs resonate in these complicated times . You’ll hear moods from joyful to heartbroken and resolute to meditative including a rich arrangement of Leonard Cohen’s “Anthem.” You will encounter profound pieces that bridge the sacred and the secular, made spiritual through context, aimed toward finding connection and purpose in a broken world. You will delight in the four original songs by our own Grammy-nominated producer and chorus director, Will Robertson. The title is inspired by the power of an active hope to make change. Hope and thread share a connection, as told in the story of Rahav, a marginalized woman who influences her community and provides a sign of safe harbor when she hangs a red thread from her window. For CBH, the Red Thread album is a commemoration of this period in time not only through the song selection but also through the means in which it has been produced. Vocalists and musicians connected window-to-window digitally to unify their voices despite being physically separated. Through these challenges, the music of Red Thread represents what unites us: the indomitable human spirit that dares to act with hope in order to create beauty.


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Download the music of the Congregation Bet Haverim Chorus, Band, and Strings from iTunes.

Chant: Beyond The Veil
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Chant: Beyond the Veil, turns its gaze on chant. Hebrew phrases repeat against an imaginative bed of acoustic and electronic soundscapes enriched by the CBH string ensemble, chant participants, guitar, oud and even mountain dulcimer. It’s a heart-expanding, intimate passage through a collection of chants arranged and led by CBH music director Gayanne Geurin and producer Will Robertson. Chant: Beyond the Veil is the fourth and final release in CBH’s recording series, The Merkavah Project. Chant with it, use it as a meditation tool or just listen. Let it take you more deeply into yourself and draw you into a sacred space that is beyond words, beyond the veil of everyday time.


Full Cold Moon: Songs of Comfort and Reflection
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Full Cold Moon: Songs of Comfort and Reflection brings together songs and poetry reflecting the two sides of the inevitable universal passage through difficult times. Grief is the deep winter of our emotions, yet it’s also a time of seeking comfort and nurturing hope. The moon in Jewish tradition reminds us of the promise of restoration. Congregation Bet Haverim offers this collection to help illuminate the journey through loss and to provide a space for reflection on meaningful themes like those of the Yizkor service at Yom Kippur.



Fire Flashing Up
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Fire Flashing Up is the first CD by Congregation Bet Haverim’s homegrown string ensemble. The eight tunes presented here offer a potent mix of expressive melodies, poignant harmonies and joyful rhythms. Six are traditional klezmer tunes from Eastern Europe; two are klezmer-spiced tangos from Argentina; and all are performed by members of the congregation in arrangements created expressly for the CBH Strings. 



Wheels Within Wheels
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Wheels Within Wheels deepens the musical experience created at Congregation Bet Haverim by lifting the veil between the ordinary and the sacred, so that our earthy expression of musical holiness connects with the celestial resonance of the universal. Like Ezekiel’s mystical vision, the spirals of harmonies, voices and instruments evoke contemplation, awe and celebration. At times Wheels Within Wheels will transport you to an intimate experience with your innermost self, and at other times it will convey a profound connection with the world around you.



Shabbat Shirah Live

Shabbat Shirah Live is CBH’s is uplifting and filled with community spirit. The EP includes six spirituals and traditional Jewish songs. It was recorded live at our 2013 Shabbat Shirah concert entitled Prophetic Voices & Spiritual Messages: Empowering Music that Weaves Together Songs of the Jewish & American Experiences.


The Threshing Floor
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The Threshing Floor offers Jewish music from distant lands and times alongside works from other traditions and songs composed and arranged by members of our own chorus. Feed your soul on Jewish music from the Mediterranean, India, Eastern Europe and Uganda, as well as inventive renditions of psalms and festival liturgies. The life rhythms of The Threshing Floor beat with a blues adaptation of Lamentations, Hasidic and poetic love songs and a stirring arrangement of an REM song. 

In the Bible, the threshing floor was a place that drew people together. Villagers brought their crops to this circle of packed earth or paving stones at harvest to separate the grain from the chaff. The threshing floor was the setting for many of life’s most important cycles and several biblical stories. More than just an everyday place, the threshing floor transformed over time into something sacred: King David purchased one in Jerusalem to serve as a sacred altar, which became the foundation for the first Temple.



Shekhina's Crown

A soulful collection of 18 traditional and contemporary musical selections that encompass the breadth of Jewish life and emotions.





Tue, January 19 2021 6 Shevat 5781