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Get to know our 2019 Board Members! 
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The CBH Board of Directors is an engaged group of dedicated members. Our interest is to help guide and support our congregation. If you would like to know more about the CBH Board, please contact our president, McKenzie Wren. 

McKenzie Wren - President: I have been involved with CBH for awhile - somewhere between 8 and 10 years! I attended services when my children were very young but joined when my oldest son, Elijah was about 8. He is now a senior in high school  and his brother Devon is a freshman. They were both bar mitzvahed with CBH. I have been active in the chorus for about 8 years and I have helped with ritual leadership through leading chant services, planning Shavuot, leading minyan service at the community school and many other activities. I’ve been part of the Wednesday chant community for maybe 3 years. Sometime through the years, I realized that CBH had become the center of my universe and is where my friendships, social justice actions, artistic endeavors and much more are held. CBH is my spiritual home.I  joined the board three years ago and became first VP two years because I felt like my skills and what CBH needed were in alignment. Over the last two years, I completed the Jacob Leadership Institute through the Federation and am an active participant in the Front Porch process. Through my presidency, I hope to deepen connections between CBH and the greater Jewish communities, support CBH through its change to “Danland” and help anchor CBH as the social justice rock star in Atlanta - a place where people know they can get their spiritual, social and social justice needs met! And have fun and build relationships doing it! In my work in the world I am a facilitator focusing on equity and inclusion and I help people have the hard conversations they need to have to move forward on whatever it is that’s separating them. And did I mention my awesome husband, Reuben Haller? Y’all know him - I don't need to say anything about him!.

Theresa Prestwood, 1st VPI am Theresa Prestwood, mother of Zoe Falcon and wife of Gary Falcon. We have attended CBH for five years. We came to CBh at the request of our daughter Zoe who wanted to study Hebrew and go to Hebrew school. When I am not working with CBH, or hanging out with my family, I serve as Executive Director of Kate's Club, a bereavement support organization for children 5-18 who have had a parent or sibling die.

I think I bring to the board an understanding of how to run a non-profit organization, fundraising, a passion for social justice and an understanding that even when we disagree, we all have the best intent for our work at CBH. It is an honor to serve now, particularly as the congregation is growing and evolving. I want to ensure we have the resources to offering a wide range of programs and that we stand as a beacon of hope and light in the world. (I was also asked to step up.)

Bev Korfin, VP Communications: I have been a member of CBH for over 25 years. My wife Andrea has been a member even longer. The CBH community has always been a spiritual and cultural Jewish home for us, and as important, has provided us with a wonderful community of friends/family of choice that we are very grateful to be a part of. The progressive social values and actions of this community align with ours, I was on the CBH Board as a RAL many years ago, and have also served on the Board of Georgia Quality. I am currently a long-standing member of the Board of SOJOURN. I chose to rejoin the CBH Board at this time to try to provide a new model for inbound and outbound communications between CBH members and the Board so that members feel that their voices are heard and that they are aware of Board issues and policies. Andrea and I live in Decatur with our bichon poodle Teddy and our chocolatepoint Siamese Cooper.

Shoshana Ben Yoar - Past President: I’ve been President for two years now, member of CBH for 11, and engaged in the community for 15. I am the mother of 4 (Kaylah, Kyle, Libi, and Gaia) and I am married to Marko. In my work in the world I am a fundraising consultant, development writing expert, and event strategist. I have enjoyed my tenure as President and I have learned to say "I'm sorry" really well! I hope you remember me whenever you see a ladder and that you should always "Step Up for CBH!"



Jared Feuer, TreasurerI have been loosely a part of the CBH community for 15 years now, and formally joined about 5 years ago. I live with my wife Heather, my children Ronan (age 6) and Ilsa (age 10), and Heather's mother Delores, aka Nanna. During the day, I am the Chief Business Officer for Welcoming America, and bring to the table financial and strategic background and the ability to move quickly on important issues. I care deeply about CBH and want to make my contribution -- I am stepping up now because it seems like a time in CBH's history where my skills could be useful.


Amy Price, Secretary: I became involved at CBH when I moved to Atlanta in 2011. Throughout the years I have been involved in different ways. I served as the teen adviser when I was first a part of the congregation. Currently I enjoy leading Shabbat hikes, going to chant, supporting family and young children programming, and so much more! My family and I love being a part of the congregation! In my work life I work alongside people with disabilities so that they can be the primary voice around what they want for their lives. I love spending time in my garden, hiking, traveling, and having friends over for Shabbat. I live in Chamblee with my husband Rob, son Oriel, step kids Erin and AJ, 2 cats, and 18 chickens.

Barry Golivesky, Member at Large: My husband, Dan, and I have been members of CBH for about 15 years. We have 12-year-old twins attending their 7th year of CBH community school, with their B’nai Mitzvah scheduled for September of next year. I had the wonderful experience of serving on the design committee for our building. I grew up in Valdosta, GA where both of my parents still live. I have a sister who lives in Decatur, who along with my mother joins us for high holiday services at CBH each year. I am a graphic designer by trade and am currently the Creative Director of the Atlanta Regional Commission, where I’ve worked for 23 years. We live in Virginia Highland, are avid art collectors, and seem to add pets to our household at an alarming rate.

Nancy Kriseman, Member at Large: I live in the Echo Lake area with my spouse, Cynthia and my sweet fur kids, Cosmo, Kona and Carly. I had been involved with CBH when we were in the Friends House and helped start the Sunday school. In fact, I was the one of two teachers when we first enrolled kids into Sunday school. I taught for many years. I left the synagogue for a while and thankfully and gratefully am back “full steam ahead”….loving being a part of chant, attending services, volunteering, sprucing up our front yard with flowers, bushes and other plants to help make our outside environment as welcoming our inside environment. I also am spearheading a new program for our congregation, Creating Dementia Friendly Congregations with Saint Bart’s. I would be honored to be a part of the board and would look forward to helping support our congregation in any way I can. I am passionate about our synagogue and want to make sure that our members voices are heard and that when appropriate action is taken to make our home truly welcoming to all.

Maddy Laing, Member at LargeI started attending CBH Sunday school and services when my family joined the congregation while I was in the 4th grade. Since then I have engaged with the community in a variety ways, through the L'Dor program where we volunteered at a Jewish home for the elderly, organizing teen events, planning the Pride Seder one year, engaging with the Black Lives Matter at CBH chapter, the leadership training program, and more. Currently, I am one of the Seventh grade teachers at our Sunday school, and continue to stay involved in my queer Jewish/spiritual community in many ways. I am a Film and Media studies major at GSU in my Sophomore year, where I am also the co-director of Trans Week at GSU. I am also one of three members of the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival's selection Jury, and have been involved in AJFF's LGBTQ Outreach Committee. I am very passionate about community organizing, and have planned events from the art show "In Memory Of Honoring Trans Lives and Losses" which I curated, to fundraiser events to help support low-income queer activists. CBH is a community that is very dear to my heart, and I look forward to the opportunity to pour my energy back into a space that has given me so much.

Team Chairs      
Care (Hesed) Team Coordinators:   Beth-Ann Butikant and Gary Falcon
Parent Engagement at  Michele Walsh 
Membership - acting chair: Kim Goldsmith
Tikkun Olam:   Avrum Weiss

If you are interested in leading a team, please contact the CBH office.



2016-17 Board Members  (Start January 2017)

President:  Shoshana Ben-Yoar
Vice President: McKenzie Wren
Vice President of Administration:  Shelley Rose
Vice President of Finance: Theresa Prestwood
Treasurer: Cindy Smith
President Emeritus:  Charlie Chasen 
Secretary: Shana Cohen


Committee/Team Chairs      
Care (Hesed) Team Coordinators:   Beth-Ann Butikant and Gary Falcon
Education:   Rachel Wallack
Membership - acting chair:   Abbie Fuksman
Ritual Chair    
Ritual Policy    
Tikkun Olam:   Avrum Weiss

If you are interested in leading a committee, please contact the CBH office.




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