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Legacy Giving

We work every day of our lives to do the most good with the power that we have. Let CBH be one vehicle to carry that good forward, even many years after we are gone.


Becoming a Legacy Donor is an opportunity to contribute to CBH’s future, regardless of your financial situation right now, and regardless of the level of assets you expect to have – even for people who expect to have very little. 

Commit to include CBH in your estate – either in your Will or as the beneficiary of a retirement account or insurance policy.  The process of making a commitment is simple: you simply sign this form saying that you intend to formally add CBH to your estate plans sometime in the coming year.  We can even connect you to an attorney who will add this charitable gift to an existing Will free of charge.

At this point, some of you may be saying to yourself … “I don’t have an estate,” or “I won’t have enough to give away.” In fact, everyone does. It does not have to be a lot, and this type of giving is extremely flexible. You can craft your gift as a percentage rather than a dollar amount (e.g. 10% of what is left after obligations have been met) so that it will flex to fit whatever the situation is at that time. 

Andrea Finn, a congregant who chaired the second year of the campaign is delighted by CBH’s
success. “Everyone pays attention and responds when the congregation needs help. In this
case, one-sixth of our members participated in the fundraising,” she said. “The commitment of
our members to secure the future of this very special congregation is something to be proud of".

Please join these fellow CBHers, our Legacy Society, in committing this act of conscience.  

Anonymous (9)
Marci Alt & Family
Rabbi Zev-Hayyim Feyer
Andrea Finn & Beverly Korfin
Julie Fishman & Terry Pechacek
Linda Fishman
Dr. Ariela M. Freedman
Bryan Golson & Michael Gross
Carolyn Hausman
Alison Kelly & Kenneth Alpern
Joyce K. Kinnard
Nancy L. Kriseman
Susan Kupferberg & Richard Mitchell
Rabbi Joshua Lesser
Sandra J. Menes
Nancy Miller
Mark Ravina & Nora Levesque
Shelley A. Rose
Arnold Bertram Schoenberg & Steven Clois Winingham
Jacqueline R. Sherman
Cynthia Smith
Rebecca Stapel-Wax
Melissa Toporek
Linda F. Weiskoff
McKenzie Wren & Reuben Haller
Adrienne and Roy Black
Alison Colbs & Michael Rekhelman
Amy and Will Robertson
Art Krazlowski
Barry Roseman
Carole Schumer
Charlie Chasen
Dan Bloom and Barry Golivesky
Deborah Krotenberg
Esther Rechtman
Faith Georgia Powell
Jack Walsh
Jeri Kagel
Lauren Levin
Linda Fishman
Lisa Heiman and Jeff Jones
Margie Osheroff
Martin Haber
Michele Walsh
Rebecca Stapel-Wax
Steve Osheroff
Terry Edgal and Mark Podhorzer
Tina Stern
Tom Downs
Sharon Braunstein
Andy Segal and Ellen Mazer
Howard Mazier
Gina Gershon
Felicitas Rebeca Quintana
Yolanda Asher
Amy Price and Rob Kistenberg
Garison Kaufman


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