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Our doors are open to all who seek to worship, learn and serve the community.

Services at  Congregation Bet Haverim are a learning experience.  During the service members of the Minyan are encouraged to raise their hand if they have a question regarding the structure of the service, the meaning of a prayer, the interpretation of the Torah portion or a comment regarding the practice of Judaism.

Our goal is to broaden the understanding of Judaism.  And through better understanding establish each individual’s relationship with G-d.  Join us to experience our interactive service.  Come learn with us.

about our services

In keeping with Reconstructionist ideals, worship is a collaborative effort. Congregants share service leadership duties with the rabbi, and participation is always welcome and warmly encouraged. 
Worship liturgy centers on "Kol Haneshamah" (Voice of the Soul), the Reconstructionist siddur (prayer book) developed cooperatively by rabbis and lay members.
All prayers are egalitarian and gender-neutral, and liturgy honors the contributions of women and men throughout our history and heritage.
There’s something different each week, from our fourth Friday Shabbat dinner, inspiring lessons from Rabbi Josh, monthly tot shabbats, musically infused services, to our amazing services led by lay leaders. Services are followed by a light oneg and time to connect with our community.
Our service schedule for the current month, along with other events, can be found on our calendar.
Unless otherwise noted on the calendar, all services are held at our location in Toco Hills: 2074 Lavista Rd. Parking is available across Lavista Rd at the Intown Community Church and in the neighborhood.
Erev Shabbat ServiceStart your Shabbat at CBH! Each week, our very own Rabbi Josh Lesser, Lay-cantor Gayane Geurin, and members lead a service filled with music, discussion and cameraderie. Our services are based on the Reconstructionist prayerbook, Kol Haneshama. In both form and content, our goal is to balance tradition with creativity in our services. Members are encouraged to take on leadership roles in our services. Our children and the adults are invited to actively participate.
Our Friday night services are followed by an oneg, hosted by members of the congregation. If you would like to host an oneg to mark a simcha, remember a loved one, or just because, please sign up here or email the office. Contact the office for more details.

Shabbat Dinner - Join CBHers for a shabbat dinner service.  Usually offered once a month. Check the calendar for dates. There is usually a small fee for the meal.

Children's Services:
Children are always welcome at our services, and we have some services that are designed with the needs of families with children in mind.

Tot Shabbat Service - Once a month, we have a Friday night Tot Shabbat service in our big, beautiful sanctuary at 6:30pm. This service is most popular with kids in the 3-6 age range, who are happy to sit and listen for a little bit, and who enjoy singing Shabbat songs and hearing a story from the service leader. The service is typically 30-45 minutes and is followed by a kid-friendly oneg. (If you'd like to sponsor such an oneg -- bring challah, juice, and some kid-friendly snacks -- please sign up here or email the office.)
Tot Shabbat is typically the 2nd Friday night each month, but please be sure to check our calendar each month to confirm. Things sometimes move around depending on what else is going on in our community.
Shabbat Morning Shabbat Katan  - This shabbat experience offers toddlers & their families a time to celebrate Shabbat with music, movement, and community. It is particularly popular with the 0-5 year old crowd, and is a wonderful way for parents of our youngest community members to get to know each other.
Shabbat Katan is one Saturday morning of the month at 10:30am and takes place at 2074 Lavista Rd. Parking is available across Lavista Rd at the Intown Community Church and in the neighborhood.

 It's followed by little-kid friendly snacks brought and shared by participants. Please check the calendar each month to confirm that it is happening!

Sign up to receive notifications of Sing 'n Play dates.  

Chanting & Meditation
Chanting Service - Come experience a unique Shabbat service of Sacred Hebrew Chant.  We will open our hearts and create the mood for Shabbat with a musical practice that is easy to experience and easy to join in. Prayers are adapted to Hebrew mantras.  Through repetition and singing, one can enter meditative states of devotion and connection to the Divine.  Upbeat sections of the service can even inspire joyful dancing and clapping!
Meditation and Text Study - Catch your breath and focus on it. Join us for meditation and text study. Turning study into practice, we will enter Shabbat with a deeper connection to our center and an appreciation for life.

More Chant and Meditation HERE

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