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The Dust of the Earth by Rabbi Josh

04/27/2020 08:59:12 AM


Rabbi Josh

The Dust of the Earth by Rabbi Josh

"I will make your descendants as the dust of the earth” was the Divine promise.
And as humans do, we assumed it was all about numbers.
Seduced by the idea of abundance
And distracted by what we misunderstood as a competition of sorts,
We missed the real blessing.

The dust of the earth has always been precious in the eyes of the Divine.
Each particle, each plot,  
Every stretch of landscape,
Just like the earth in its totality, is beloved
--and meant to be free.

And perhaps once we are done counting, striving
Owning every mote,
Writing our name triumphantly on every tree,
Claiming the claimless,
We will discover the real blessing:

We will be “as the dust of the earth”
Because together, we and the earth are one.


Built for Crisis

03/24/2020 08:05:47 AM



More than ever, I am grateful for this community and for you. 

As Reconstructionists, we know that Judaism is an evolving religious civilization, but who knew that we would be faced with such rapid evolution?!

But if we go back a moment and look at our fastest and most significant evolution, the destruction of the temple, we can come to understand that Judaism is a tradition that was designed to...Read more...


06/04/2018 01:44:36 PM


Some of the CBH teens participated in the NEXT DOR program this year, visiting with residents of Berman Commons Assisted Living and learning their stories. View this video summary of their year:

Participants also wrote essays about her experience in the prgoram. Hannah Laing's writing was chosen as the winning essay and she was given a scholarship to participate in a summer...Read more...

Expanding the Vision of “Welcome”

05/08/2018 11:38:35 AM


Radical Welcome: A Process, Not a Destination

By Rabbi Joshua Lesser
I used to joke that straight people need welcoming synagogues, too! But over the years as Congregation Bet Haverim has transitioned from being a synagogue comprised of almost entirely LGBT members to an LGBT-founded synagogue serving a diverse membership with a straight majority, welcoming people is no laughing matter. In fact, it is intentional and on-going...Read more...

Black Lives Matter Teen Panel

04/09/2018 12:03:40 PM


Over the past month, our nation has been awed and humbled by the powerful voices of our teens in their advocacy work. The raw courage and integrity that our young people have shown has been astounding. Many of us who may not have been tuned into these voices...Read more...

Where am I This Year in the Passover Story?

03/29/2018 04:14:35 PM


Rabbi Joshua Lesser

Hag Sameach! I wish you a very joyful and meaningful Passover.  

Passover is a holiday that requires a great deal of preparation; whether it be hosting a seder, changing the way we eat for 8 days or cleaning our homes. These physical tasks represent the inner work that...Read more...

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