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The CBH Gold Rush!

GOLD RUSH is an exciting way to support CBH by making donations of gold, silver, platinum, precious and semi-precious stones. These items will be appraised by certified gemologist George Houghtaling and either taken to a refinery or resold, with all of the proceeds benefitting CBH. It's an amazing, Covid-friendly fundraiser!

So clear out your cupboards of silver flatware, trays, and serving pieces you never use. Grab those gifts from Bubbe you never wear, lighten yourself of those single earrings, cufflinks, and broken chains. Put that totally cool tie tack from the 80s to a better use! 

Don’t have jewelry to donate? We graciously accept financial gifts as well! All donations are 100% tax-deductible!

One of our amazing Prospectors will be calling you to encourage you to dig for gold! 

Once you have your loot, bring it to CBH during the following hours:  

·         Sunday, October 25                         1pm – 4pm

·         Monday, October 26                        4pm – 6pm

·         Tuesday, October 27                        9am – 11am

·         Wednesday, October 28                  11am – 1pm

·         Thursday, October 29                      2pm – 4pm

·         Friday, October 30                            10am – 12pm

To ensure social distancing, please arrange your drop off time in advance. If you need someone to make a contactless pickup, we can make that happen. For all scheduling, or any questions, just email 

Dig Deep and Bring in a Heap! There's gold in them thar Druid Hills... 



Steve & Margie Osheroff 

George Houghtaling     Barry Golivesky     Jackie Sherman  


Marci Alt · Tom Downs · Shelley & Bruce Gaynes · Bryan Golson · Barry Golivesky & Dan Bloom · Jeri Kagel & Susan Levy · Hannah Joseph & Jack Popper · Ana Levie-Sprick · Nancy Kriseman · Susan J. Levy · Marian Meyers · Erin Nelson · Mark Podhorzer · Theresa Prestwood & Gary Falcon · Amy Price & Rob Kistenberg · Jackie Sherman & Nancy Miller · Cindy Smith · Tina Stern · Steve & Lois Wolf · McKenzie Wren & Reuben Haller

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