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Outdoor Gathering Guidelines

In addition to familiarizing yourself with our Health & Wellbeing protocols, it is important to note several key points and guidelines that will ensure a safe and, therefore, socially and spiritually fulfilling experience for all during this and future outdoor gatherings at CBH.

  1. We strongly encourage vaccinated participants to remain masked while gathered outdoors at CBH.
  2. Unvaccinated attendees over the age of two MUST remain masked through the entirety of their stay at CBH.
  3. Enter through the side gate to the right of the front door, near the shed.
  4. Find a spot in a seat on the patio or on the grass (bring a blanket if you intend to sit on the grass) that is at least 3 feet from any neighboring pod. Please do not move seats that have been previously, strategically placed.
  5. Remain at least 3 feet apart at all times from all attendees outside your pod (i.e. those with whom you live and/or with whom you arrived), including on arrival and when exiting.
  6. You may greet others both verbally and nonverbally, but we won’t be greeting by touch (e.g. hugs, hand shake, etc.) at this time.
  7. Restrooms inside the building will be available; one person may enter the building at a time. EXCEPTION: Anyone requiring assistance (minors included), are encouraged to attend with the help of a vaccinated adult. All people above the age of 2 must remain masked inside the building.
  8.  All those in attendance must read and sign our Brit Briyut.


Thank you for taking the time, care, and consideration to follow these guidelines should you wish to/be ready to join CBH for outdoor gatherings at this time.

We are grateful for your being a part of our community and thank you for your patience and flexibility during this ever changing landscape.

Mon, December 11 2023 28 Kislev 5784