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CBHCS Registration

Registration for the CBHCS Community School.

For questions regarding CBHCS Registration please contact our Education Director, Kate Hennessey at 

For questions regarding payment, please contact the CBH Administrator, Julie Lakric at or 404-315-6446

After filling out the form below, please proceed to the payment page only if paying in full here:
If a payment plan is requested, please contact


Parent 2

Emergency contact is someone other than the parent/guardian.

Please fill out one form for all children.
To add a child's information, click the + button.

Students may attend the CBH Community School for up to one school year
as a non-member. You must become a member of CBH in order to re-enroll your child.
To join, please contact the CBH Office at 404.315.6446.

Child’s Information
To add all of your children in this form at one time PLEASE HIT THE PLUS SIGN to add as many children as you need.

The more information we have, the better we can help your child to feel at home at CBH! Below you will find questions that will help us better understand and plan for your child. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

To Add A Student, click +

Choose one

Please describe any special services your child receives (on a separate sheet if necessary) and please attach your IEP.


Please check preference above regarding permission for your child (listed above) to be photographed during the Community School hours and/or at other synagogue functions, and for these photographs to be used on the CBH website, in brochures, advertisements, or other synagogue related purposes with the sole discretion of the CBH Community School.

Signature for consent/no consent for photos of child.


Parent Participation is a vital part of life of the the CBH Community School. Your participation is critical to the strength of our program. Please indicate the areas in which you would be willing to help. We greatly appreciate your involvement and support!

Substitute or Full time Teacher

We are always looking for parents interested in helping out as teachers or as substitutes. Substitute teachers receive $25 per hour and are paid for 4 hours of work. Lesson plans and class lists are provided, and there is generally a teen helper in each classroom to help things run smoothly.

Community School Family Engagement Committee

These parents support the Community School, creating opportunities that allow families to connect with each other and with the school — from room parents to faculty and special activities.

Special Talents

Please let us know of any special talents you may have that could be used as a resource to work with our kids occasionally.


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