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7 Steps to Balancing Urgency and Compassion in Times of Moral Courage

11/30/2016 10:17:54 AM


When we feel endangered, or an urgency for justice, it is so tempting to vent about what others may not be doing to exemplify moral courage and enact social justice. While urging others can inspire or agitate others towards change, let us remember a few things:

1. People are likely engaged in ways we cannot see or do not know. Don't make snap judgments. Be curious. Extend a sense of goodwill when you can.

2. Take stock if you need something specific or feeling a particular emotion. Make the request to others. Yes, it would be ideal if people were intuitive, but there's no shame in guiding others help you or help the cause and issue you care about.

3. Sometimes we deflect our own overwhelm, helplessness and despair by pointing to what others are not doing. Make room for your response and continue to assess if you are doing all that you can and think you should.

4. Leading by example is one of the most effective ways of encouraging others. Commit to your path and embody it and others will take note.

5. The more you discern and focus on your path then the less critiquing others matters. It can diffuse your energy if you are judging others. Blaming can create defensiveness and lead to counterproductivity -- even if blame is apt.

6. Offering clarity about issues over personalities can engage people productively.

7. There is a spectrum of growth of people's ability to take stands and moral courage. Encourage growth by offering support.

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