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Settled Rabbi Search Task Force

Dear Haverim,

I am excited to share an update regarding the Settled Rabbi Search Task Force. 

The search for CBH’s Settled Rabbi will be a deliberative and inclusive process. The Settled Rabbi Search Task Force (SRSTF) will help our community find a Settled Rabbi who can lead us to realize our visions for the next stage of our development. We aim to create a Task Force and process that reflects the core Jewish values of hospitality/hachnasat orchim, diversity/givvun, compassion/rachamim, and fairness/tzedek. The SRSTF will create a job description and congregational profile based on the findings of the survey and focus groups conducted by the EnVISIONing CBH Task Force. It will review applications, conduct interviews, invite top candidates to visit, and solicit feedback from the community after those visits. The SRSTF will then recommend a candidate to the board. Providing ⅔ of the board vote to approve, the congregation will then vote on that recommendation. Approval by ⅔ of the congregation constitutes approval.

To ensure CBH had a comprehensive and engaging search, Rabbi Dayle, Executive Director Greg Lawrence, and I identified two highly qualified people who represented various life stages, genders, and sexual orientations, to chair the SRSTF. 

At this time, it is with great pleasure that we share with you the co-chairs of our SRSTF, Suzanne Schultz and Robert Brown.

Robert Brown, aka Brown, joins as co-chair of the SRSTF with 20 years of experience as an Organization Development consultant. His expertise blends consulting, facilitating, training, and coaching. Brown is passionate about mediating conflicts and finding common ground for implementing and sustaining Organizational Change. He has formulated group decision-making strategies and designed train-the-trainer programs. He utilizes a broad spectrum of processes, including analysis, needs identification, and strategic planning. 

Brown worked with groups throughout the U.S., Switzerland, and Russia and has conducted sessions for as many as 5000 people. In addition, Brown worked with many organizations, including the American Bar Association, the Atlanta Community Food Bank, Boeing North America, Caterpillar, Centers for Disease Control, International Paper Company, SAFE Kids Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and Verizon.

Suzanne Schultz recently shared her interest in giving her energy and talents to the synagogue now that her daughter is in college. As co-chair of the SRSTF, she brings many years of recruiting experience as a strategy and technology consultant with Accenture, North Highland, and, most recently, Pariveda Solutions. In addition, Suzanne is skilled in candidate research, behavioral interviews, skills assessments, and case interviews. She also brings many years of sales and relationship development experience, which are critical to any search as applicants evaluate the organization as much as the organization is evaluating the candidate. 

Suzanne is passionate about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and holds a national leadership role at Pariveda, which includes advocating and mentoring within and across employee resource groups. She also facilitates learning on DEI-related topics and recently moderated a panel to share the stories, challenges, and perspectives of trans people in our community.  

Looking ahead, here is the timeline for our search:

October 2021
Applications from members are accepted for the Settled Rabbi Search Task Force
At this time, we invite you to nominate (self-nominations welcome) a CBH member for the Settled Rabbi Search Task Force. Submissions will be accepted through October 29, 2021.
November 2021
Settled Rabbi Search Task Force assembles. Co-chairs select five members, with consideration to create a body that will represent our membership and comprise an array of relevant perspectives. EnVISIONing CBH Task Force finalizes report on findings of the survey and focus groups.

November - December 2021
The task force meets to build themselves as a team and compile a Congregational Profile and Rabbinic Job Description based on the priorities revealed in the EnVISIONing CBH survey and focus groups. Materials are submitted to the Reconstructionist Placement Office by mid-December.

January - February 2022    
Applications are received and reviewed. Interviews are conducted on Zoom.

March - April 2022    
Finalist candidates come to CBH for a weekend of leading services, teaching, and meeting with key stakeholders. Congregational feedback is solicited. SRSTF selects the candidate who best fits the needs of CBH. SRSTF presents the candidate they have chosen to the CBH community; the community votes on the recommendation.

July 2022 (approx.)    
Settled rabbi begins serving CBH.

If you have any questions about the timeline and/or process of creating our SRSTF, please reach out to either of the co-chairs, Brown: | Suzanne Schultz:, our SRSTF staff liaison, Greg Lawrence, Executive Director:, and/or myself.

I’m excited for our collectively shaping the next chapter of CBH by finding the best possible candidate for our next Settled Rabbi.

From strength to strength,

Theresa Prestwood
President, CBH

Wed, May 25 2022 24 Iyyar 5782