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CBH's Donors & Volunteers



General Fund
High Holiday Donations
Security Donations
President's Campaign
Yahrzeit Donations

End of Year Donations
Vita Leo Brown Art & Creativity Fund
Building Fund
Rabbi Discretionary Fund
Honorable Mentchens

General Fund

Mark Ravina & Nora Levesque gave to CBH Music in memory of Oscar Ravina
Jill Mainzer
gave in memory of George Friedman, Stephanie Gewirtz’s father
Andy Segal & Ellen Mazer
Carrie Burton
Lori & Norman Fineman gave in honor of their granddaughter Noa Caroline Fineman’s naming
Rina Rosenberg & Bill Witherspoon
Loretta Bernstein gave an oneg donation in memory of Serge Bernstein
Tom Downs gave an oneg donation
Gayanne Geurin gave a donation to the Memorial Wall in honor of Lauren Rich’s bat mitzvah
Sybil McWilliams

Elaine & David Taylor-Klaus gave in memory of Arik Rekhelman
Evan Perkins gave as a thank you for the lovely pronoun name tag templates
Jeremy Aston gave as a thank you for the lovely pronoun name tag templates
Casey Hall
Steve & Margie Osheroff
Sharon Kilfeather gave for Rabbi Josh’s work. With love and admiration.
Andy Segal & Ellen Mazer
Linda Travers gave a Your Jewish Bridge donation in memory of Shelley Travers Mack
William Curns
Julie Rosenberg
Stephen DeVinney gave in honor of Theo DeVinney for finishing all of his college applications
Mark Ravina & Nora Levesque gave to CBH music in memory of Oscar Ravina
Eric Jacobson
Vance Dietz gave an oneg donation
Wyetta Johnson
Harriet Gold gave in honor of Gayanne Geurin. Wishing her renewed health & strength. 💕 Wishing our community Blessings & wisdom!
Craig Adler gave in memory of Lillian & Frank Adler
Brad Davidorf & Julie Zier
Jessica Lazer
Michele Casper & Alan Sokoloff
Abigail & Andrew Gross
Harriet Gold
Sharon Sleeper
Joe & Phyllis Arnold
Laurent Adler & Deblina Datta
Rita & Craig Gilbert
Bruce & Shelley Gaynes gave in honor of Nancy Miller’s 66th birthday

End of Year

Bob Schwartz gave in honor of Andy Segal & Ellen Mazer
Julie Fishman & Terry Pechacek
Cordelia Blake
Katharine Johnsen
Steve & Elaine Gold
Marc & Randy Shapiro
Jeffrey Bloom
Jan Rabinowitz
Jonathan Goldman
Marianna Kaufman

High Holy Donations

Peter Ash
Abigail Tucker
Barry & Phyllis Koch to support great choir, community work and High Holidays
Sybil McWillaims
Peggy Gaber-Casey & Bob Casey
Lynne & Neil Norton
Robert Bell
Norman Field
Marlene & Mark Goldman
Lew Lefton
Cori DeFrancis
Reuben Haller & McKenzie Wren
Janet Zinn gave in memory of Ronnie Klein
David & Susan Levy
Edward Siller
Faith Russler
Alayne Lesser
Mark Podhorzer & Terry Egdal
Jonathan Hillyer
Steve Baustin​​​​​​​
Joan Borchardt​​​​​​​

Security Donation

President’s Campaign

Yahrzeit Donation

Steve & Lois Wolf gave in memory of Hugo Wolf
Jean Kablack gave in memory of David A. Kablack
Carole Schumer gave in memory of Roslyn Schumer
Rebeca Quintana gave in memory of Rodrigo Quintana​​​​​​​

Vita Leo Brown Arts & Creativity Fund

Leslie Dennis gave in memory of Vita Leo Brown who lives in our hearts always​​​​​​​

Building Fund

Marianna Kaufman gave in memory of, on World AIDS day, of Serge Bernstein, giver of our Torah, and one of the earliest members of CBH.
Leslie, Daniel, Carly and Joey Kean/Promislow/Ziegler
Shelley Rose
Lauren Rich & Marian Meyers gave in memory of Arik Rekhelman
Rebeca Quintana gave in memory of Arik Rekhelman & Alan Rubenstein
Michele & Jack Walsh
Mark Podhorzer & Terry Egdal
Rebecca & Jennifer Stapel-Wax gave in honor of Lauren Rich, Steve Osheroff & Susan Simon’s b’nai mitzvah
Marianna Kaufman gave in memory of Glen Gurevitch’s mother​​​​​​​

Rabbi Discretionary Fund

Rachel & Sandy Wallack gave in honor of Elyssa & David Golivesky-Bloom becoming b'nai mitzvah.
Marshall Berch & David Goetsch gave in honor of Rabbi Josh
Tom Downs gave in appreciation of Malka Packer-Monroe and Susan Levy for their participation his bet din and in appreciation for Rabbi Josh's teaching, guidance and time working with him in his journey of conversion.
Dennis Diamond
Vance Dietz
Gail Reid
Alayne Lesser
Martin Haber​​​​​​​

IHO Gayanne Geurin:

  • Faith Russler
  • Jesse Bathrick
  • Rebecca Leary Safon & Scot Safon, with love and thoughts of health and healing
  • Brad Davidorf & Julie Zier
  • McKenzie Wren & Reuben Haller
  • Amy Lighthill
  • Rachel & Sanford Wallack
  • Linda Travers
  • Melissa Toporek
  • Dan Bloom & Barry Golivesky
  • Brian & Robbie Barber
  • Allison Carter
  • Ben & Devora Reiss
  • Howard & Matilda Winer
  • Joy Goodman, Our beloved Gayanne as she heals in all ways and fully receives all the love that pours forth to her
  • Dennis Diamond
  • Marianna Kaufman & Diana M Aleman
  • Karen Tekulsky
  • Avrum Weiss
  • Lisa Barrios
  • Art Krasilovsky & Joen Bettmann
  • Sandra Menes-Ashe
  • Faith Arkel & Michael Malloy
  • Howard & Patty Maziar
  • Sandy & Robert Monett
  • Lynne & Neil Norton
  • Nancy Kriseman, so hoping Gayanne will continue to heal sending her much love and thanks to you all for supporting our beloved lay cantor
  • Paula Robertson



Tue, February 25 2020 30 Shevat 5780