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CBH's Donors & Volunteers

MAY 2019

General Fund
High Holiday Donations
Security Donations
President's Campaign
Yahrzeit Donations
Matan Fund

Music Travel Donations
Vita Leo Brown Art & Creativity Fund
Building Fund
Rabbi Discretionary Fund
Eli Rose Fund
Honorable Menchens

Donor and Volunteer Archives Can be found here

General Fund
Vickie Scheer gave to the Music Program in memory of Mildred G. Schneider
Nancy Miller gave in honor of “Double” Gross’ continued good health and Cindy Smith & Lauren Levin’s simcha
Harvey Burger gave a High Holy Day donation
Michael Malloy & Faith Arkel gave a high holy donation
Walter Reeves gave a security donation
Rebeca Quintana gave in appreciation of Agatha Walker’s support
Sheryl Thacker gave in honor of Cindy Smith and Lauren Levin's wedding 
Paul & Amy Harris gave in honor of Steve Osheroff for becoming a Bar Mitzvah for a second time around. We are so very proud of you. Mazel Tov!!
The 2nd Rabbi Task Force gave in appreciation of all of Lauren Levin's hard work and her wedding to Cindy Smith. 
Sharon Levine Khoury & Mary Katherine Wathen gave in honor of Steve Osheroff for his Torah chanting
Esther Rechtman gave to Andy, Dan & Rabbi Josh’s adult program
Sharon Levine Khoury gave in honor of Lauren Rich for her Torah chanting
Sharon Levine Khoury gave to the chorus in honor of Susan Simon for chanting Torah
In honor of Lauren Rich, Susan Simon & Steve Osheroff b’nai mitzvah:
Paul Glickstein
Sheryl Thacker
Alan & Karen Stein
Kathi & Michael Frankel
Nancy Kriseman
Diane Dexter
Paul Glickstein gave in honor of Jeri Kagel’s 70th birthday and in recognition of her decades of service to our community
Lisa Anbild
Eileen & Larry Hoffman gave in honor Steve Osheroff’s “re-bar”
Gail Luxenberg gave a thank you to Gayanne Geurin
Kathi & Michael Frankel gave “to Cindy Smith and Lauren Levin in honor of their love from the Frankels and the Hornsteins”
Elise Eplan & Bob Marcovitch gave “in honor of Kim Goldsmith's birthday
Walter Reeves gave a security & L’chaim donation
Dennis Diamond gave a L’chaim donation
Nancy Miller & Jackie Sherman gave in honor of Lauren Rich & Susan Simon becoming a bat mitzvah 
Nancy Miller & Jackie Sherman gave in honor of Steve Osheroff’s 60th anniversary reprise of his bar mitzvah
Gregg Bedol gave in honor of Lauren Levin’s wedding and leadership of the 2nd rabbi task force

High Holy Donations

Security Donation

President’s Campaign

Yahrzeit Donation
Nancy Miller gave in memory of Alice Goldberg Miller & Bernard Miller
Ellen Mazer gave in memory of William M. Mazer
Jean Kablack gave in memory of Herb Nusser
Joyce Kinnard gave in memory of Stephen O. Kinnard
Scot Safon gave in memory of David Safon

Vita Leo Brown Arts & Creativity Fund

Building Fund

Leslie, Daniel, Carly and Joey Kean/Promislow/Ziegler
Lauren Rich & Marian Meyers gave in memory of Jerrilyn Levetan
Shelley Rose
Rebeca Quintana gave in memory of Jerrilyn Levetan
Julie Fishman & Terry Pechacek
Barry Roseman gave in honor of the birth of Wrenley Ronan McTernan Segal, grandson of Ellen Mazer & Andy Segal
Mary Katherine Wathen gave in honor of Lauren Rich chanting Torah
Marianna Kaufman gave in memory of Frieda Spieler
In honor of Lauren Rich, Susan Simon & Steve Osheroff b’nai mitzvah:
Miriam Karp
Barry Roseman
Marianna Kaufman

Rabbi Discretionary Fund
Marjorie Adler & Michael Fournier gave in honor of Sam’s bar mitzvah
Arnie Schoenberg
Rebeca Quintana gave in appreciation of Rabbi Josh’s support
Avrum Weiss gave in honor of CBH founder & long time member Jeri Kagel. A dollar for every year.
Linda Lazzari
Deborah Krotenberg gave in honor of the wonderful B'nei Mitzvah of Lauren Rich, Steve Osheroff & Susan Simon along with the chorus/musicians' contribution to this meaningful service 

Matan Fund

Eli Rose Fund



Retreat: Nancy Kriseman, Amy Price, Carrie Hausman, Alison Kelley, Rebecca Grapevine

Hiring Task Force: Lauren Levin, Ephi Betan, Lisa Heimann, Reid Perlman, Cenate Pruitt, Heidi Whatley, Gregg Bedol, Bernice Cohen, Rebecca Green, Nancy Miller, Linda Weiskoff

Grant Writing: Ellen Mazer, Jackie Sherman, Ariela Freedman, Elke Davidson

Marketing for 2nd Rabbi: Sarah Abend, David Cohen

Proofreading/copyediting: Paul Glickstein

Young Families Programming: Amy Price and Maital Guttman

Adult Programs: Tamara Caldas, Peter Isbister, Kim Goldsmith, Paul Goldsmith, Marjorie Adler, Rebecca Stapel-Wax, Andy Segal, Rick Stone, Bill Witherspoon

Young Professionals Shabbat: Hannah Joseph

Prayer for the End of Hiding discussion group: Jeri Kagel

Purim baskets: Tobi Ames

Purim Cabaret: Ariela Freedman and Shana Cohen

Hevra Kaddisha: Lauren Levin and Marcy Leach

Legacy program: Theresa Prestwood and Julie Fishman

CBH Gardening & Beautification: Nancy Kriseman

Sun, June 16 2019 13 Sivan 5779