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CBH's Donors & Volunteers

November 2018

General Fund
High Holiday Donations
Security Donations
President's Campaign
Yahrzeit Donations
Matan Fund

Music Travel Donations
Vita Leo Brown Art & Creativity Fund
Building Fund
Rabbi Discretionary Fund
Eli Rose Fund
Honorable Mentchens

Donor and Volunteer Archives Can be found here

General Fund

Andrew Huang gave to Fundraising General, thank you for welcoming us into your house for the Pittsburgh vigil.
Margo Geller gave to the outstanding memorial service and vigil. Thank you to Josh & Gayanne for creating such a meaningful experience.
Mark Rosenberg gave in honor of Julie Rosenberg, Maddie Talbot & Henry Talbot
Rachel & Sandy Wallack gave in honor of Mose Poma’s bar mitzvah
Brenda Hiskey
Josh Feingold​​​​​​​
Milton & Dori Wofford​​​​​​​
Michael Weiss & Heather Kotler​​​​​​​
Joshua Youdovin & Sheri Halpern gave a Shabbat Shirah donation in honor of the highly successful weekend in Philadelphia
Bonnie Puckett Levine & Michael Levine gave in honor of Eden & Emet Levine’s birthdays & Emet’s upsherin
Sandra Menes-Ashe gave in memory of Mike Rose
Emily Rubin & Monique Mikrut gave in honor of Maya’s bat mitzvah and in honor of the chorus

High Holy Donations
Edward Rosenblatt
Henry Farber & Lynn Sokler
Sandi Still
Lori Schildkraut & Meredith Diamond
Steven & Judith Friedman
Pamela Kowan
Reesa Azar
Nancy Guss & Gary Diamond
Vance Dietz

Security Donation
Jeri Kagel & Susan Levy
Henry Farber & Lynn Sokler
Esther Rechtman
Debbie & Dan Arnold
Shoshana & Mark Ben-Yoar
Joyce Kinnard
Marla Shapiro
Abbie Fuksman & Ron Leopold
Lisa Heimann & Jeffrey Jones
Vance Dietz

President’s Campaign

Yahrzeit Donation
Jerry Shure gave in memory of Murray Shure
Julie Fishman gave in memory of George Smith
Jan Levie gave in memory of Adelle Levie
Sanra Schein gave in memory of Maximilian Schein

Vita Leo Brown Arts & Creativity Fund

Building Fund
Rebecca & Jennifer Stapel-Wax gave in honor of Susan Kupferberg & Richard Mitchell’s new grandchild

Rabbi Discretionary Fund
Adrienne & Roy Black gave in honor of Rabbi Josh
Vance Dietz
Marsha Genin

Matan Fund
Darcy & Aaron Coty gave in honor of Abbie Fuksman & Steven Wolf for sharing their parents' Holocaust stories with the CBHCS children.

Eli Rose Fund
Rebecca & Jennifer Stapel-Wax gave in memory of Mike Rose


Shabbat and oneg sponsorship:
Julie Fishman & Terry Pechacek
Susan Goldstein in honor of the anniversary of Leah Goldstein and Megan Walters becoming bat mitzvahs

Thu, December 13 2018 5 Tevet 5779