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CBH's Donors & Volunteers


September 2019

General Fund
High Holiday Donations
Security Donations
President's Campaign
Yahrzeit Donations

Music Travel Donations
Vita Leo Brown Art & Creativity Fund
Building Fund
Rabbi Discretionary Fund
Honorable Mentchens

General Fund

Sheryl Thacker gave in honor of Levi Robertson’s bar mitzvah
Amy & Will Robertson 
Benay Krissel & Greg Pins gave an oneg & security donation
Susan Green
Stephanya Shear gave in honor of her daughter’s bat mitzvah and a thank you to Amy Robertson
Elizabeth gave a fundraising donation in memory of Alan Rubenstein

The following gave in honor of Elyssa & David Golivesky-Bloom b’nai mitzvah:

  • Mark Weinstein
  • Rebeca Quintana

Ariela Freedman gave an oneg donation
Arthur Krasilovsky and Joen Bettman gave a Shabbat Shirah donation in gratitude for Gayanne’s personal chanting service

Music Travel Donations

High Holy Donations
Miriam Wilchanovsky
Sheryl Thacker
Stephen Kay & Jennifer Weissman
Jake Krakovsky
Mark Kline
Elaine Beeber
Isaac Benowitz
Nancy Kriseman
Marian Meyers
Sandra Menes-Ashe
Miriam Jacobs Payton
Leora Morris
Teri McRae
Jared Degnan
Yisrael Frenkel
Josh Schwartz
Israel McMullen
Adam Hubschman
Cynthia Freedman
Isaiah & Barbara Rosenblit
Sylvia Gross
Jareka Dellenbaugh-Dempsey
Mike Finesilver
Michele & Jack Walsh
Faye Dresner
Randi Lewis
Robin Golivesky
Mark Mandelbaum & Diana Yassanye
Lee Pasackow
Brian & Robbie Barber
Madeline Altabe
Lily Brent
Susan Robinson & Mary Roemer
Amy Simon
Tom Downs
Melissa McGrane
Michelle Adkins & Ari Finke
Jacob Sobel
Steven Zier
Israel McMullen
Andy Friedberg
Rosemary Eberiel
Karen & Sol Jacobs
Danielle Barav-Johnson
Anna Newton-Levinson
David Berendes
Rachel Geller
Susan White
Brad Davidorf & Julie Zier
Joan Borchardt
Alisa Obsusin
Blair Schwab
P Joyce Goldberg
Susan Goldstein

Security Donation

President’s Campaign

Yahrzeit Donation
Miriam Jacobs Payton gave in blessed memory of Dr. Otto D. Payton 
Michael Gross gave in memory of his dear brother, Howard Gross
Julie Fishman gave in memory of Florence Smith
Rebeca Quintana gave in memory of Sherry Konter
Arthur Krasilovsky gave in memory of Monroe Krasilovsky

Vita Leo Brown Arts & Creativity Fund

Building Fund
Leslie, Daniel, Carly and Joey Kean/Promislow/Ziegler
Shelley Rose
Ariel Goldberg gave to combat homophobia and sinat chinam
Henry Lewis

Rabbi Discretionary Fund
Amy & Will Robertson gave in appreciation of Rabbi Josh 
Malka & Mercy Monroe-Packer gave a thank you to Rabbi Josh, for the incredibly amazing Simchat Brit ceremony for Luna
Benay Krissel & Greg Pins gave in honor of Rabbi Josh and this community that means so much to us. And welcome, Rabbi Gottfried.
Brian Ciarlo


Tue, October 22 2019 23 Tishrei 5780