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CBH's Donors & Volunteers

MARCH 2019

General Fund
High Holiday Donations
Security Donations
President's Campaign
Yahrzeit Donations
Matan Fund

Music Travel Donations
Vita Leo Brown Art & Creativity Fund
Building Fund
Rabbi Discretionary Fund
Eli Rose Fund
Honorable Menchens

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General Fund
Karen Bernheimer
Ellen Nemhauser gave in honor of Rabbi Josh
P Joyce Goldberg gave a Fundraising General donation in honor of enthusiastic member Nancy Kriseman
Susan & Al Lubin gave in honor of Sandra Menes-Ashe bat mitzvah
John & Barb Perlmutter gave in honor of their grandchildren, Gabriella & Joshua Perlmutter wishing Rabbi Josh a happy and successful year
Paul Glickstein gave in recognition of CBH staff’s great work on the retreat
Jimmy Glenn gave in memory of Michael Shure
Susan Stewart gave in honor of Sandra Menes Ashe

High Holy Donations

Security Donation
Sharon Spiegelman
Karen Bernheimer

President’s Campaign
Barry Roseman

Yahrzeit Donation
Jean Kablack gave in memory of Norma Lee Mazzotta
Sylvia Gross gave in memory of Ben Gross
Jill Jacobs gave in memory Donna Lewis
Felicia Bianchi gave in memory of Philip W. Bianchi
Jean Kablack gave in memory of Shirley Nusser
Linda Hilsenrad gave in memory of Hugh Hilsenrad
Lisa Barrios gave in memory of Arturo Barrios

Vita Leo Brown Arts & Creativity Fund
The Calmenson Foundation
Paul Glickstein gave in honor of Bob Schwartz’s 70th birthday
Rebeca Quintana gave in honor of January birthdays

Building Fund
Shelley Rose
Leslie, Daniel, Carly and Joey Kean/Promislow/Ziegler

Rabbi Discretionary Fund
Joel Kushner gave a thank you for no-gendered name tags
Heval Mohamed Kelli
Amanda & David Lockwood gave in honor of Rabbi Josh for making Lolly’s bat mitzvah a meaningful and beautiful day

Matan Fund

Eli Rose Fund



Shabbat and oneg sponsorship:

Tue, April 23 2019 18 Nisan 5779