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CBH's Donors & Volunteers


March 2020

General Fund
High Holiday Donations
Security Donations
President's Campaign
Yahrzeit Donations

Shabbat Shirah
Vita Leo Brown Art & Creativity Fund
Building Fund
Rabbi Discretionary Fund
Honorable Mentchens

General Fund

Stephanie Ezust gave a Purim donation
Shelley Rose gave a Purim donation
Becky & Shawn Slemons gave in honor of Brady’s bar mitzvah
Walter Reeves gave to security needs to honor the daily courage of congregants
Glenda & David Minkin gave in honor of CBH’s creative approach to mishloach manot.
Susan Simon gave a fundraising general donation in honor of Joyce Kinnard on the loss of her mother, with much sympathy
Patricia Del Ray gave a fundraising general donation in memory of Marian Berman Kohlenberg
Rachel Gordon gave thanking CBHCS for working so hard to bring resources into our homes
Julie Fishman & Terry Pechacek gave for the amazing work that the entire CBH staff has been doing during these unprecedented times. The creativity and sense of connection is greatly appreciated!
Angela and Arielle (Wyetta) Johnson gave to Rabbi Josh and staff you are the LOVE! Thank you for your light. 

     In memory of Jerry Shure:
         Michele Glazer Hirsh & Jennifer Glazer Malkin
         Norm & Connie Zemmelman

Shabbat Shirah Donations

High Holy Donations

Security Donation

President’s Campaign

Yahrzeit Donation

Nancy Kriseman gave in memory of Doris Kriseman & Phyllis Silverstein
Esther Rechtman gave in memory of Jane Rechtman & Mark Douglas Rechtman
Stephanie Ezust gave in memory of Lillian Ezust
Lois Wolf gave in memory of Melvin H. Barnhart
Jill Jacobs gave in memory of Donna Lewis
Elaine Rubin gave in memory of Marion Sobelson
Marian Meyers gave in memory of Avon Meyers
Rebeca Quintana gave in memory of Irvin Konter
Lisa Barrios gave in memory of Oscar Arturo Barrios

Vita Leo Brown Arts & Creativity Fund

Paul Glickstein gave with thanks to Jean Kablack
Robert Brown & Anna Leo gave in honor of Vince Leo’s NYC photo show
Lisa Staimez
Sandra Menes-Ashe for Purim Cabaret donation

Building Fund

Leslie, Daniel, Carly and Joey Kean/Promislow/Ziegler
Lauren Rich & Marian Meyers gave in memory of Jerry Shure
Elizabeth Cohen & Rick Stone
Rebeca Quintana gave in memory of Jerry Shure

Rabbi Discretionary Fund

Dennis Diamond
Becky & Shawn Slemons gave in honor of Brady’s bar mitzvah
Barbara Schwartz gave a thank you for the opportunity to say Kaddish via Zoom for my husband Stephen Mark Schwartz, who died from the Covid-19 virus
Lisa Marquardt gave a thank you for all the virtual resources while we are needing to physically distance ourselves.




Wed, June 3 2020 11 Sivan 5780