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CBH's Donors & Volunteers


August 2020

General Fund
High Holiday Donations
Security Donations
President's Campaign
Yahrzeit Donations
Your Jewish Bridge

Shabbat Shirah
Vita Leo Brown Art & Creativity Fund
Building Fund
Rabbi Discretionary Fund
Matan Fund
Honorable Mentchens

General Fund

Lynne & Neil Norton gave in celebration of the class of 2020 graduates, Mazel Tov
Walter Reeves gave a donation for lighting for the front walk at the synagogue
Shirley Kent Weeks gave in memory of Evelyn Gershon
Audrey Galex, David Schechter and several people who believe in this house, Black Lives Matter, Love is Love, etc.
Judith Arbeit
Harriet Gold gave for Let Me Entertain Jew! on Aug 15th
Vickie Scheer gave to the food drive
Barbara Katz gave a Shul Shekel donation
Isaiah & Barbara Rosenblit gave an annual gift
Jean Kablack gave in gratitude for CBH
Andrea Packer
In memory of Steven Zier

  • Gayanne Geurin
  • Lynn Sokler & Henry Farber

In memory of Herbert Diamond

  • Diane Dexter

In memory of Judith Rose Schonbak

  • Aaron Berger, “May your mother's memory be a blessing to you, your family and her many friends.” 
  • Bill Schnitzer, “We are so sorry for your tragic and sudden loss. Your friends at STEAMTruck”
  • Beverly Korfin & Andrea Finn
  • Joyce Kinnard
  • Leanne Rubenstein gave a fundraising general donation

Shabbat Shirah Donations

High Holy Donations


Mary Sabel
Ariela Freedman
Sandra Menes-Ashe
Susan J Levy
Cindy Solomon
Josh Bornstein & Chris Jones
Randi Lewis
Judith Kenen & Jim Gordon
Carla Freeman
Rebecca & Jennifer Stapel-Wax
Perri Ruckart
Linda Travers
Steve Kay & Jennifer Weissman
Marianna Kaufman
Diana Anhalt
Carreen Shapiro
Nancy Kriseman
Sarah Holmes
Mindy & Corey Langer
Sheila Muldoon
Barbara Ratner
Sandra Lesser
Fayne Wollner in honor of Chey Wollner

Vita Leo Brown Art & Creativity Fund

In memory of Judith Rose Schonbak

  • Elizabeth Cohen & Rick Stone
  • Lois & Steve Wolf, “May she rest in peace.”
  • Kim Goldsmith
  • Paul Glickstein
  • Jean Kablack

Elizabeth Cohen & Rick Stone gave in memory of David Cohen
Paul Glickstein gave in memory of Evelyn Gershon & Herbert Diamond

Your Jewish Bridge Donation

Heather Zesiger gave in honor of Rabbi G and her patience and kindness in guiding me toward my conversion

Building Fund

Kim Goldsmith gave in memory of Evelyn Gershon
Lauren Rich & Marian Meyers gave in memory of Herbert Diamond, Joen Bettmann, Evelyn Gershon, Ira Kistenberg, & Judith Rose Schonbak
Leslie, Daniel, Carly and Joey Kean/Promislow/Ziegler
Lauren Rich & Marian Meyers gave in memory of Sandra Lawson’s mother
Marianna Kaufman gave in memory of Judith Schonbak

Security Donation

President’s Campaign

Yahrzeit Donation

Harriet Gold gave in memory of Rose Gold. May her memory be a blessing.
Julie Fishman gave in memory of Lawrence Fishman
Leanne Rubenstein gave in memory of Alan Rubenstein
Alan Sugar gave in memory of Angela Sugar

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

Linda Travers gave in memory of Herbert Diamond
Cynthia Freedman gave in memory of Judith Rose Schonbak
Sandra Lawson & Tonia Poteat gave in memory of Flora Lawson
Gina Gershon gave in memory of Evelyn Gershon
Ariela Freedman gave on behalf of Elena Freedman-Hall for CBH
Doris Gordon gave for his outstanding presentation on reparations



Food Security Project Volunteers:
Bev Korfin
Shana & Talia Cohen
Paul Mauquardt
Marci Alt
Tina Stern
Susan Kupfenberg & Richard Mitchell
Andy Segal & Ellen Mazer
Amy Price
Karen & Bill Callen
Grant Alpern
Steve & Margie Osheroff
Jenny Taussig
Reuben Haller
Colleen Goidel
Michele Casper and Noah & Maya Sokoloff
Ahmad Madani
Jackie Sherman
Yoni Kaplan
Kate Seelman
Lisa Heiman

Shelley Rose
Rebecca Grapevine

Thu, September 24 2020 6 Tishrei 5781