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CBH's Donors & Volunteers



General Fund
High Holiday Donations
Security Donations
President's Campaign
Yahrzeit Donations
Your Jewish Bridge
Gold Rush Donations

Shabbat Shirah
Vita Leo Brown Art & Creativity Fund
Building Fund
Rabbi Discretionary Fund
Matan Fund
Honorable Mentchens

General Fund

Susan Kupferberg & Richard Mitchell
Jean Kablack gave in honor of the CBH founders, especially Paul Glickstein
Edward Rosenzweig 
Bob Schwartz gave to honor Nancy Kriseman’s work on beautifying the CBH ground
Andy Segal & Ellen Mazer gave in honor of Theresa Prestwood a/k/a Job for leading the CBH Board through never-ending tsouris.
Elaine & Jerry Blumenthal gave in memory of David Chalmers

Gold Rush Donations

Vickie Scheer
Elaine Rubin
Mimi Darden
Jonathan Mermin & Rebecca Bunnell
Miriam Wilchanovsky
Susan J Levy
Barbara Schwartz
Shelley Rose
Faith Russler
Tina Stern
Steve & Marjorie Osheroff in honor of Gayanne, Brad, Will, Ariela & Rabbi Josh for incredible High Holiday services
Jackie Sherman
Kathi Frankel
Nancy Miller gave in honor of George Osheroff, Marjorie & Steve Osheroff & Jackie Sherman
Abbe Tobin
Miriam Karp
Amy Lighthill
Michael Rekhelman gave in memory of Mikhail Pustilnik
Beverly Korfin
Susan Levy gave in memory of Amy Levy
Lois & Steve Wolf gave in memory of Fran Lake
Gina Gershon gave in memory of Evelyn Gershon
Marla Zimmerman gave in honor of Rabbi Josh & staff
Dennis Diamond
Shelley & Bruce Gaynes gave in honor of Marjorie & Steve Osheroff
Fran Shahar gave in honor of Lauren Rich in recognition of your efforts to protect the vote in GA
Melissa Perlmutter in memory of Gladys Reese
Elizabeth Geiger
Julie Lakric
Stephanie Gewirtz in memory of George Friedman & Cynthia Gewirtz
Phyllis Meyers gave in memory of Avon Meyers
Paul Marquardt
Jane Diamond
ShaSha Zipkin gave in memory of Gertrude & Norman Zipkin
Marian Meyers gave in memory of Avon Meyers
Erin Nelson
Betsy Gard gave in memory of Nancy Schlesinger & Barry Berman
Lynne Norton gave in honor of CBH staff & volunteers
Craig Gilbert
Julie Fishman
Reuben Haller in memory of Judith Schonbak
Valerie Wolpe
Sybil McWilliams
Jody Steinberg in honor of CBH volunteers
Elizabeth Cohen
Suzanne Schultz gave in memory of the victims of covid-19
Lauren Rich


Shabbat Shirah Donations

High Holy Donations

Josh Feingold
Cynthia Smith
Bitsy Bloom
Larry & Amy Schwartz
Judi Friedman
Alan Sugar
Stan Cohen in honor of David & Bernice Cohen & Family
Kim & Hank Siegelson
Michael Malloy
Bill Goren & Susan Gerber
Susan Levy & Jeri Kagel
UUCA L’chaim Group
Jody Steinberg
Reesa Azar
Deborah Bloom
Melissa Zimmerman
Eleanor Shiffman gave as a thank you for your beautiful services. I am happy I could participate from West Palm Beach Florida
Alison Clark Sturm & David Sturm gave in memory of Fred & Nancie Clark, may their memory be a blessing
Bill Nigut & Janece Shaffer
David Spierman
Michelle Maziar
Rhonda Albom
Sanford & Rachel Wallack
Shelby Senzer
Lois & Steve Wolf
Benjamin & Devora Reiss
Edward Rosenblatt
Tammy Bregman
Ruth Ann Davis & Paula Needle
Elaine Rubin
Neil & Lynne Norton
David & Maria Vershel
Shelley Rose
Gary Falcon & Theresa Prestwood
David Huntington & Sherri Kornfeld
Paul Glickstein
Bonetta Palter
Barry Roseman
Lew Lefton & Enid Steinhardt
Jacqueline Green & Aaron Harris
Jonathan Goldman
Lori Schildkraut & Meredith Diamond
Edward Siller
Laura Glancy


Vita Leo Brown Art & Creativity Fund

Elena Freedman-Hall

Your Jewish Bridge Donation

Marianna Kaufman & Diana Maria Aleman gave with appreciation to Rabbi G and everything she does for CBH

Building Fund

Leslie, Daniel, Carly and Joey Kean/Promislow/Ziegler
Rebeca Quintana gave in memory of Steven Zier, Judith Rose Schonbak, Herbert Diamond, & Evelyn Gershon

Security Donation

President’s Campaign

Yahrzeit Donation

Loretta Bernstein gave in loving memory of Serge Bernstein
Rebeca Quintana gave in memory of Sherry Konter
ShaSha Zipkin gave in loving memory of Gertrude Goldstein Zipkin
Julie Fishman gave in memory of George Smith

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

Dan & Sheila Riegel 
Arlene Berger gave “in honor of Rabbi Josh: Thank you R’Josh for the tireless work you put in to make sure that the High Holidays were successful and meaningful not just for your shul but for Jews all over North America. I, personally, would not have made it through this season in one piece without your FB groups and your personal words. You make the world a better place. Todah Rabah.”
Miriam Wilchanovsky
Jane Diamond & Tommy Peterson with gratitude for the support of Rabbi Josh and CBH on the death of Herbert Diamond
Sandy & Robert Monett gave in honor of Gregg Bedol’s 65th birthday
Dennis Diamond
Howard & Patty Maziar gave in appreciation of Rabbi Josh




Sat, December 5 2020 19 Kislev 5781