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8:45am-9am: Mindful Moments led by Gayanne

8:45pm-9pm: 10 Minute Minyan


8:45am-9am: Mindful Moments led by Rabbi Josh

5:30pm: Board Meeting

8:45pm-9pm: 10 Minute Minyan


8:45am-9am: Mindful Moments led by Gayanne
Followed by an extended Chant until 9:15am

8:45pm-9pm: 10 Minute Minyan

6:30pm: Earth Seder (Must RSVP in advance)


8:45am-9am: Mindful Moments led by Rabbi Josh

8:00pm-9:00pm: The Locust, The UnSeder You Can't Passover  

The Locust Password: 375240

8:45pm-9pm: 10 Minute Minyan


8:45am-9am: Mindful Moments led by Rabbi Josh and Gayanne

6:45pm: Shabbat Candle Lighting, Services Immediately afterwards


8:45pm-9pm: 10 Minute Minyan

10:30am Shabbat Morning Chant


10am: Family Minyan

8:45pm-9pm: 10 Minute Minyan

2:00pm Advance Planning session (Members only, register to receive link)



Need a prayerbook?  You can download a copy of the Reconstructionist siddur here:

Weekdays at 8:45am 

In these times, we all need peace of mind
wherever we can find it. 

Rabbi Josh and Gayanne will be launching a short offering every weekday morning, Mindful Moments to steady your day with a boost of connection to your mind, body and spirit.

Every day brings new information or a different challenge. Seeking ways to settle down from feeling bored or overwhelmed. Join us Monday through Friday at 8:45-9:00 am for meditation, intention setting, and spiritual balance. 

Join us daily via Zoom at:

Saturday - Thursdays at 8:45pm

End your day on a high note: join CBH for a 10 minute minyan.

Log in via Zoom:





Fridays at 6:45pm

Join Rabbi Josh, Gayanne Geurin, and Will Robertson to welcome Shabbat from your living room. Starting April 3, we will lead directly from our homes to yours! Have your personal Shabbat candles ready to light at 6:45pm; we will light our candles together as a community and start services afterwards.

Join us here via Zoom:

If you would rather call in, call:
(646) 558-8656
Meeting ID: 565 086 132

Mondays April 20, and May 4 at 6pm 

Join Gayanne as she leads an online meditation and chanting session to help us ground ourselves in these stressful times. 

Join via Zoom at:





Wednesday, April 8 at 6:30pm

CBH Members, Please Join Us To Celebrate a Virtual Earth Seder 

hosted by Elizabeth Cohen and Rick Stone

The first night of Pesach (Passover)

Wednesday, April 8, 6:30 to 8:00 pm via Zoom

$10 Registration per household includes a copy of the Haggadah.

We’ll be using The Promise of the Land—the new Haggadah written by CBH’s 2019 Scholar-in-Residence, Rabbi Ellen Bernstein, which explores the the Seder as a window into the ecology of our lives.

Register your household here. There will be room for 25 households.

After registering you will receive more details on how to get your copy and other ways to prepare. 

For more information: Please email Elizabeth Cohen at or call her at 407-740-7561

Thursday, April 9 at 8pm

 The Locust Presents:

The UnSeder
A Night of StoryTelling That You Can’t Passover
April 9th 8pm

There is no way around it. This night will be different so let’s embrace it with The UnSeder. Ditch the Haggadah and let’s listen to another kind of “telling”.  It’s time to get our stories, straight-so to speak.

Our Locust Host is Emmy-winning TV Producer/Editor/Photographer and master storyteller Jack Walsh. He spins tales, true and otherwise, at events around town and produced the public television show based on Carapace, Atlanta’s long-running reality storytelling event.

If you are a fan of Congregation Bet Haverim’s Oh-So-Gay Purim Cabaret, you will love our Moth-style night of storytelling.  We have 10 true stories with themes like “Getting Tipsy”, “The Great Escape” and “Opening the Door for Strangers”, we will be sure to hit all of the high points of Passover.  

Pour a glass of wine (or maybe 4) and prepare to create with us a Passover story to remember.  

Meeting Password: 375240

Saturday, April 11 at 10:30am

Shabbat morning Chant service
10:30am led by Gayanne Geurin

As we lean into the pace and themes of Shabbat, with the limits and possibilities of being in a Zoom community, we use repeated Hebrew phrases with intention setting to deepen our spiritual connections.  

Join us here via Zoom:

Sundays at 10am

We're so excited to offer this opportunity to connect as a CBHCS community using Zoom for Family Minyan with Rabbi G. 

We encourage everyone to download and print a copy of the Family Minyan Siddur to use during the service on Sunday, and anytime you want to pray at home. 

Follow the instructions below to join the ZOOMinyan as early as 9:45 a.m. and get ready to sing along at home. If possible, we recommend that one family member join the call on a laptop with video, so we can see each other, and another family member join on a cell phone, for better audio function--there will be less of a lag-- when we sing in unison. Our service will begin at 10:00 am sharp and last 15-20 minutes. 

Join Zoom Meeting Here:

Thursday, April 16 at 9:15am

Join Rabbi Gottfried for an abbreviated service and an opportunity to say Kaddish for our loved ones. 

Join us here via Zoom:

Wed, April 8 2020 14 Nisan 5780