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March Forth Music Festival

Schedule (Subject to change)

  Camp Fire Snack Table The Hall The Round Room The Sanctuary
6:00 pm Fire Lighting Ceremony Shabbat Candle Lighting Charlie Chasen
in Story & Song
story and song CLOSED
6:15 pm Brad Davidorf Throughout the

Hot Drinks and Snacks
DIY Offerings
6:30 pm  
6:45 pm Aaron Pincus      
7:00 pm Jazz Trio Niggun Collective
facilitated by Ariel Wolpe
7:15 pm Ethan Davidson
7:30pm Mamelahs
Torah Reading
7:45 pm Mike Levine    
8:00 pm      
8:15 pm Brian Leach Jazz Trio   Chorus
8:30 pm Jewish Ecstatic Dance
8:45 pm Deblina Datta
(8:50 - 9:30)
9:00 pm Jeff Jones Band
9:15 pm Strings
9:30 pm Will Robertson  
9:45 pm      
10:00 pm          
Sun, January 23 2022 21 Shevat 5782