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Merkavah Recording Project

The Merkavah Project is the CBH Music Program’s exciting and expansive endeavor to connect to the most important mystical text of the Bible: Ezekiel’s vision. Ezekiel’s vision has captured the imagination of artists, mystics, scholars and seekers. In a cloud of fire flashing up, Ezekiel encounters an arresting chariot: The Merkavah. He envisions a wheeled platform resting upon a heavenly creature with the likeness of a human, an ox, a lion and an eagle.  Upon it sits the fiery throne of the Divine Majesty.  As Ezekiel experiences this vision it is as if he too is transported from earth to heaven and back again.

Being able to glimpse beyond the veil that separates the holy and the ordinary, Ezekiel becomes both prophet and mystic.  He has a truth to tell and a truth to seek.  It is one of the many reasons that this root metaphor feels apt to describe the music of Congregation Bet Haverim. We strive to create an encounter that bridges the everyday with the sacred, transporting people to a place of discovering truth and authentic feeling.

The Sages believed that Ezekiel’s vision was the same vision that the Israelites encountered together at Mount Sinai. The descriptions in Jewish commentaries of this collective vision are powerful, personal and vulnerable.  Isn’t that how we experience the authenticity of the music of our community?  At times aren’t there touches of revelation, a deeper knowing or an affirmation of something we hold dear? And when we share those insights with each other doesn’t it affect how we experience the music?  

All of us come together to create this exciting Merkavah Project.

Here is what the CBH Music Program produced:
Wheels Within Wheels
The CD is an eclectic collection of our best and most unique pieces; music that represents who we are and the “core” music of CBH. Includes Chorus, Band, Strings, and Children’s Choir!


Fire Flashing Up: Klezmer Dances for Strings
A collection of dances and other joyful klezmer music.

Full Cold Moon: Songs of Comfort and Reflection
Some of our most meditative and complex choral pieces.

Chant: Beyond the Veil 
This final release in the set shows the beauty and power of Hebrew chant, rich with harmonies and uniquely “us.” 

Thank you to the early supporters of the Merkavah Project.
Without you we could not have accomplished this:
Dan Arnold and Debbie Young Arnold, Jesse Harris Bathrick, Gayanne Geurin, Julie Fishman and Terry Pechacek, Anonymous, in honor of the Musicians of CBH and the CBH Music Committee, Val and Paul Root Wolpe, Rebecca Leary and Scot Safon, Faith Russler , Henry Farber and Lynn Sokler , Carrie Hausman, Heartwork Counseling Center, Valerie Singer, The Laing Family, The Bedol Family, Ben and Devora Reiss, une Stahl, Natalie Stahl, Ken Stahl & Shirley Ripullone, Dennis Diamond & Elizabeth Geiger, Linda Fishman, Audrey Galex and Dave Schechter, Marilyn Bermanm Ken Alpern and Alison Kelly, Faith Arkel and Michael Malloy, William Curns, Jay D'Lugin, Ariela Freedman and Casey Hall, Doris Gordon and Robert Lackey, Joyce Kinnard, Lisa and Paul Marquardt, Amy Price, Diana and Laurie Robins, Shelley Rose, Lisa Barrios, Liz Grant Hilton, Beverly Korfin, Theresa Prestwood and Gary Falcon

Sat, March 2 2024 22 Adar I 5784