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chanting and meditation

The CBH community holds regular chanting services, meditation, and meditation and mussar services. Please be sure to check our online calendar in case of cancellations or schedule changes.

If you are interested in our Monday evening or Wednesday morning programs, please contact Gayanne Geurin so she can add you to the email list to alert you of any last minute service chances.

Meditation and Chant
Mondays once a month at 6pm at CBH

 6:00 silent meditation, meditation instruction and guided meditation
 6:30 chant
For more information and dates, contact Gayanne Geurin

Morning Chant Wednesdays at 7:30am
This group meets at Mulberry Fields park for weekly morning chant services. 
contact Gayanne Geurin for information about changes in date/place. And ask to be put  on the Chant google group so you will stay up to date.

Chant Services - Friday nights approximately every 2 months -  sign up for bet*mail so you will always know when there is one coming up!
Come experience a unique Shabbat service of Sacred Hebrew Chant.  We open our hearts and create the mood for Shabbat with a musical practice that is easy to experience and easy to join in. Prayers are adapted to Hebrew mantras.  Through repetition and singing, one can enter meditative states of devotion and connection to the Divine.  For more information, contact Gayanne Geurin

Meditation and Mussar - Catch your breath and hold it. Join us once a month before Shabbat services for an hour program that incorporates text study and contemplative practice. We typically meet the first Friday of each month, but please check the calendar to confirm.

Mussar is the Jewish path to character development – a Mensch curriculum .  Mussar teaches us to take the measure of our soul traits like compassion, greed, courage, humility, anger, and generosity and then determine in which direction to turn in our actions so as to live up to our own high ethical standards.

Chant Retreat
A yearly day-long chant and meditation experience.


Fri, September 22 2023 7 Tishrei 5784