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Our music program is a real point of pride for our community. This is not just because our musicians sound so good (and they do!) - but because in so many ways our music program is an arena in which we are able to enact many of our community's values and traditions.

The program developed organically, entirely from members who simply brought their talents to the table, and expresses our Reconstructionist orientation toward the arts as an expression of our humanity and our connection to Judaism.

The diversity in our musical selections reflects our abiding appreciation for the diversity of Judaisms around the world -- and in our own sanctuary! - and our mix of traditional Jewish music and songs from other cultures around the world expresses our theological approach toward blending traditional Jewish ideas with ideas from other times and places. This is why we mix Kol HaOlam Kulo with Mad World; this is why we sing American Tune from the bima. (Hear our chorus members talk about American Tune in this wonderful video produced by Emory University.)

Finally, our music program is about bringing people together. It is intergenerational, and is one of the areas in synagogue life where quite a lot of folks who are not Jewish have found a comfortable "home base" as they gained comfort and facility with the broader synagogue community.

Our musicians perform at CBH services and fundraising concerts, at rallies for social justice around Atlanta, and occasionally at special events like the recent Paul Simon lecture series at Emory or in collaboration with other faith communities or community organizations.

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Music Recordings - learn about CBHs unique and engaging music recordings for all types of listening preferences and moods.

chorus, band, and strings


video - fire flashing up concert by the cbh strings 2014


Wed, June 28 2017 4 Tammuz 5777