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Care Requests

 While each circumstance is unique, requests for assistance with meals can be made via the form below or by contacting the office at (404) 315-6446. Hesed (care team) is usually able to arrange for one meal per day. Meals might be arranged daily for a period of time or could be arranged for every second- or third-day if desired. Usually we are able to coordinate up to seven meals.
Volunteers are asked to drop off meals at your location within a time window you provide. Recognizing that provision of meals is intended to reduce your burden and provide you with time and space, volunteers are prepared to make deliveries quickly and be on their way. Volunteers are not expecting to be invited in when dropping off meals and are mindful that this is not intended as a social call.

Care request form

(meals for sick, meals for new parents, sick visitation, etc)

For meal requests please answer the following questions:

Please provide 30 minute window

Daily, every other day, etc.

Kosher foods, nut allergies, will eat only chocolate, etc.

Are there any special instructions for delivery? (How to get past gate, instructions for parking, whether or not to ring the doorbell, etc.)

phone, cell phone, email, text message, and what time of day?


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